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Daniel Hendel

43 yrs old 


Natural Fitness 

Personal Trainer

Weight Lifting

Clean Eating

Weight Loss for Men

Man Jogging
Welcome to the weight loss for men program.  This program is designed to teach you how to effectively lose weight and maintain it by exercising and eating a healthy diet.  There are four key components to the program.  

1. Weighing yourself regularly.
2. Learning how to eat healthy.
3. Improving your exercise skill level.
4. Understanding the key principles of living healthy.

The program provides you with the educational content, productivity tools, and step by step guidance to assist you in achieving your weight loss goal.  If you need additional guidance, simply post your questions on the forum, or schedule a Zoom call with your trainer for personalized coaching.  

Weekly Workout Schedule

Weekly Cardio Schedule

Weekly Calorie Tracker

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