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"It doesn't matter where you start.  It matters where you're going."

ProFit Program

Program made to help you achieve your fitness goals like a pro.

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Program Overview

1. Key Behaviors and Outcomes (KBO) 

2. Body Composition Concepts

3. Nutrition Concepts

4. Activity and Cardio Concepts

5. Strength Exercise Concepts

Program Guide

1. Setting Your Body Composition Targets

2. Setting Your Calorie Targets

3. Designing Your Meal Plan

4. Designing Your Exercise Plan

5. Follow Workouts

6. Get Advice

7. Hire A  Coach

Program Templates

Weight Loss Level 1-3

Weight Loss Levels 4-6

Weight Loss Levels 7-9

Strength Exercise Levels 1-3

Strength Exercise Levels 4-6

Weight Lifting Levels 1-3

Weight Lifting Levels 4-6

 Weight Lifting Levels 7-9

Shred Levels 4-6

Shred Levels 7-9

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